Goin’ Native

Hi there and welcome to Goin’ Native. This is our favorite place to listen, gather, collaborate and connect with other people who love world music, and even share some of our own. Goin’ Native Records is a Florida-based world music record label. We are a dedicated home to many “muse‑icians” who evoke the spirit of their native lands.

Rohan Reid
Say the name, Rohan Reid, and almost everyone in Jamaica knows his life story.
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JoJo Kuo
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Incas in Cyberspace
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Live Hart
“Live” is Live Hart and her music.
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Our Label

Formed in 1998, Goin’ Native Records is a next-generation independent music label that is extremely passionate about producing Worldbeat music with an eye and ear for "A-List" talent. Through its diverse collection of original music and masterful covers, Goin’ Native Records provides mail order and retail CD sales as well as a wide array of music licensing options to the media industry.

The music catalog consists of local and international artists and concept bands. We are deeply committed to our artists and feel a strong commitment to the development, marketing, and promotion of each act. This commitment is the foundation by which we operate, because at Goin’ Native - it's all about the artists and the music they create.