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Jose Val

Jose Val began his artistic carrier at the age of 16, working in a show for kids called “Nubeluz”, with this show he travel through all Latin America, dancing and singing, performing in countries like Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Panama and several countries more.

After traveling for two years and make a living of the show business, he decides to settle down in Peru, and begin to study acting and corporal expression, to improve his abilities as an artist. Performing on plays and soup operas like “Sueños” in which he participate as a costar, at the same time he was playing in venues all around the city of Lima and consolidating his carrier as an artist.

He decided to relocate to Miami to study Marketing, after finishing his B.A in Peru. But he never left the music behind so he join a band called “Never On Sunday”, playing in several places of USA like New York, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale and Miami, one of the main events was playing on the “Billboard Video Music Awards”. Having such a good start he decides to begin his solo carrier and decides to separate of the band and start to record its first album. Also he is hired by Fonovideo as an actor to do the novela “Gata Salvaje”.

After the great success of “De Tierra Santa” from his first album he start composing for other singers like Cynthia in Mexico and co-wrote with Cesar Roman several songs for Venezuelan bands.

Jose Val begins his second album “Yo Te Prometo” and give us his first single “Me Enamore”. He just released his new video “Yo Te Prometo” from the second single of the album; all this shows us his excellent work and I’m sure he will continue surprising the music industry with more of his Latin pop music and performance as an artist.


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