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MARU was formed by multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and vocalist Ruth Huamani, creating a sound that is now known as the New Voice of Andean Music.

In 2005 Ruth Huamani conceived the original concept for a female duo backed by a five-piece rhythm section of drums, keyboards, bass, sikus (pan pipes and flutes) and a charango (10-string indigenous Andean instrument). Huamani began working with producer Ricardo Silva on this unique project mixing traditional Andean sounds with popular modern rhythms and was responsible for composing the majority of the project. In 2005, MARU’s debut album Angel Guardian was released, becoming an international hit under the executive production of USA-based Goin’ Native Records.


  • Peruvian-based MARU’s is first heard live in concert at “La Estacion del Barranco” in March 2005.
  • MARU is chosen to represent Peru in the International Festival of Music, VIÑA DEL MAR 2006 with a song named Puras Mentiras written and composed by Ruth Huamaní. This song was recognized as one of the top three world finalists in the competition for Best Folk Song.
  • Later in 2006, Fiesta Alegría y Carnaval, Hasta Que Vuelvas and Puras Mentiras are chosen for the soundtrack of the Peruvian feature film Chicha Tu Madre directed by Gianfranco Quattrini.
  • Beginning in 2007, four of MARU’s songs are continuously broadcast by Channel Cadena del Sur. The videos of these songs on YOUTUBE and other sites are seen worldwide.
  • The video for MARU’s hit song, Puras Mentiras written by Ruth Huamaní is chosen as the pre-loaded content for the MP3 launch of RCA Opal Series selling over 500,000 units in Walmart and Target stores in the United States. RCA Music chose MARU as “a superior out of box experience for international music genres.” February 2007.
  • Two tracks from MARU’s Angel Guardian licensed to German Pirahna Music/Reise Know-How are featured in their international 2008 CD compilation “Sound Trip-The Andes.”
  • MARU is invited by Walt Disney World Company to perform at Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival 2009 in Orlando Florida, USA in October.

The Band:

Ruth Huamani, the extraordinary music producer and arranger, who created MARU in 2005, has also directed for the MEDIO DIA CRIOLLO television program. She first toured Peru with entertainers including Julio Andrade, Pepe Villalobos, Antologia Group, and recorded the album Navidad AfroAndina with Jose Luis Madueño and Ricardo Silva among others. She has toured internationally in Spain and Japan. Ruth Huamani is unquestionably the pulse of MARU.

Vocalist, Karol Collazos aka Karito Collazos is a recognized celebrity in Ancash Peruvian regional music. Karito’s first public performance was at age nine to the rhythms of a traditional song performed by her own father. Since then, she has traveled Peru with numerous appearances on national television and radio shows. Karito recorded her first album “Mi Cantar” also at a young age, went on to win a singing contest on the television show “Que tal Manana” and later became the back up singer for Jimmy Santi. Ruth Huamani discovered Karito and cast her for MARU, replacing Marisol Muguerza, who had recorded with the group from 2005 until 2007. Karito is the sensationally, talented lead vocalist of the band.

Producer, Ricardo Silva is a Peruvian folklorist with mestizo roots dedicated to discovering new artists and producing Andean, Afro-Peruvian music with a contemporary pop sound. He has produced many other groups such as Navidad AfroAndina, Cuarteto Folk Peru, Incas in Cyberspace, Q´ary Bastidas y Riber Ore among others. Silva has played and recorded with famous artists and producers around the world and is the founder of Del Pueblo y Del Barrio. He possesses a recognized track record in Peru for merging popular rhythms with the roots of rock music. Ricardo is often found training young artists to dance and play Incan music and traditional instruments.

Currently, Ruth, Karito and Ricardo along with band mates, Wendy Cajas and Patricia Alvarado are recording the second MARU album. Next up is their first US performance at the famous Walt Disney World, Epcot International Food and Wine Festival in Orlando, Florida this October.


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