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Shaun Fisher

Sometimes becoming an overnight sensation can take a long time. Such is the case with Shaun Fisher. From the ripe old age of nine, Shaun started his music career imitating popular singers of the day like Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. His life was filled with music: at home, school and in church. Performing came naturally to Shaun; he was always organizing vocal groups and bands and doing live shows regularly at school functions.
When higher education called, there was no hesitation about which field Shaun would enter. He enrolled in Rollins College in Winter Park Florida and his natural abilities blossomed. Mastering several instruments, Shaun graduated with a thorough knowledge of technique and music theory to add to his natural abilities.

Shaun’s unique style is a mixture he created from his exposure to various musical genres including jazz, r & b, gospel and chamber music. Combining his newfound knowledge with his love of writing original works, Shaun began to develop his “voice”, his personal touch on the profession he loves.

Despite the setbacks of everyday life, his focus on his music never faltered. Nothing could sway Shaun from his dream of a career in the music industry. Juggling a life and struggling to hone his music has become almost an art form for Shaun.

Now, years later, those same hardships have only served to improve his product. A new determination has taken over. Composing and producing music with a new maturity borne out of experience, lyrics ripped right from the heart that’s felt the pain and joy that life brings. Melodies and rhythms drawn from the pulse of humanity and all its ebbs and flows.

Overnight sensation Shaun Fisher is a happy man. Happy that the “overnight” took so long and didn’t end until he was ready to give the world what he has to offer.


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