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Victor Espinola

Paraguayan Harpist

Victor Espinola was born in Paraguay, South America, where he learned to play the Paraguayan harp as a child. Victor’s growing mastery and his music and artistic skills led him to develop new techniques of playing the harp. That propelled him into an incredible life of international acclaim, including touring the world with phenomenal New Age musician and composer, Yanni.

As a solo artist, Victor has performed at Walt Disney world Resort, Epcot and Disney’s Animal Kingdom, where he showcased his unique sound and style to thousands of visitors of all ages over the last three years.

His unique style of music is influenced by a combination of Gypsy Flamenco, Brazilian, Middle Eastern, African, Pop and Dance. Traveling to places like Egypt, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Italy, Spain and Turkey he continues to find new ways of sharing his music on global tours with his own band and collaborations with several symphony orchestra.

Victor says that he is happiest when traveling around the world doing what he loves and also when he is interacting with young people.

He has created a music workshop to help youth of all backgrounds foster creativity in the arts. Through his live performances, Victor demonstrates that you can develop an instrument that may seem at first simple and ordinary, into an exciting experience.



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