Live Hart performing at the Come Out With Pride Orlando Festival!

A couple quick photos of the scene this past Saturday, October 6th while Live Hart performed in downtown Orlando for the Come Out With Pride Festival ( Live kicked off the festival in front of hundreds of onlookers with a great set accompanied by fellow musicians "Gerardo Manrique" (left) on
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R.I.P. Damien “Khamelien” Rahim

Trinidadian singer/songwriter Damien "Khamelien" Rahim was more than just your average musician. He was an artist with purpose and vision. His music touched the masses and brought unity amongst the most unlikely sorts. Khamelien's 2008 release of his debut album 'Never Say Never' fused both Hip-Hop & Reggae styles. Influenced
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Riber Ore Video Interview From Lima, Peru

Video interview with Riber Ore in Peru that made it to radio in the USA. De una entrevista que me hicieron para medios de comunicaction (Radio) en EEUU. Click HERE to find out more about about Riber Ore.