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Live Hart’s Kickstarter Campaign

September 16th

With the completion of her debut album, Live Hart has launched a Kickstarter campaign to assist with marketing, promotion and distribution. Live Hart has been working incredibly hard to make her musical dreams become a reality, and with the completion of this album, she is one step closer to attaining her goal.

Now she needs your help in taking her cherished album to the ears of the World with marketing material, an inspiring music video and a small tour, all aimed at giving her music the exposure it deserves.

Countless hours, sleepless nights, an outpouring of real emotions, and a lot of love has been scribbled onto paper and transformed into songs; now it’s your turn to experience it. Help Live Hart by pledging today!


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2 Responses to “Live Hart’s Kickstarter Campaign”

  1. “I opened the box and was cfneusod… there were no instructions, but were two decks of playing cards. Ok, there were instructions, but I didn’t find them at first and thus was cfneusod.”Gee, I did the same thing with another game that had an event deck you could purchase as an add-on. No instructions, oh wait, they were on a single card buried in the deck of 52 or so cards. And no it wasn’t easy to find, thumbed pass it many times, deck getting shuffled didn’t help. Don’t know why it pissed me off so much, but it did. I have a degree in math and computer science, so, I must be an idiot, too. The reply from the designer is so condescending not even going to research this game further.

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