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Puerto Rico, La Isla Me Encanto!

July 5th

Goin’ Native traveled to the gorgeous Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico this last weekend to check out the local music scene there. We were looking for Bomba & Plena (we’ve had enough of Salsa) but instead we came across a musical treat at a beautiful creole restaurant which was referred by a friend, local entertainer, Edgar Rios.

The occasion was Sunday brunch, at the very popular upscale eatery, Ajili Mojili, in the Condado district of San Juan. The service was the best and the food was great but I was even more impressed by the local quartet which they feature every Sunday.

Tropical Breeze (above video) the quartet I’ve been alluding to, served up “Seis Chorreao”, literally translated “Slippery Six” in typical Boriqua fashion. Members of the group are:

❯ Luis Markovich (band leader/bass)
❯ Junior Iberia (percussion)
❯ Rene Burgos (accordion)
❯ Arnaldo Figueroa (violin)

Given an opportunity to work with these guys… well, that’s a no brainer.

If you’re ever in Puerto Rico on a Sunday and you would like to experience excellent local cuisine and just great music, visit Ajili Mojili and ask for Tropical Breeze as an aperitif.

Dress is dressy casual…
We wouldn’t suggest wearing flip flops or cut-offs.

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  1. Elijah Munoz

    Hey Nick, if you are looking for Bomba y Plena you have to go to Ponce, Puerto Rico. That is where Bomba y Plena is from, I was born in Ponce that is why I know that. Specially in San Antón, La Playa of Ponce, Puerto Rico. I met you the other day with Joshua.

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