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R.I.P. Damien “Khamelien” Rahim

September 18th

Trinidadian singer/songwriter Damien “Khamelien” Rahim was more than just your average musician. He was an artist with purpose and vision. His music touched the masses and brought unity amongst the most unlikely sorts. Khamelien’s 2008 release of his debut album ‘Never Say Never’ fused both Hip-Hop & Reggae styles. Influenced by his Caribbean decent, the album combines the feel of tropical easy living and innocence with the harshness and reality of the streets; we are truly proud of his accomplishments.

Our family here at Goin’ Native Records is very sadden by the sudden loss of Damien and would like to send our deepest condolences to his beloved family, friends and many supporters. His legacy and music will live on in our hearts and will never be forgotten.

R.I.P. Damien Dominique Rahim “Khamelien”
(7/22/75 – 9/15/12)

Video slideshow we put together of a few favorite photos we took while working with Damien to his song “Never Say Never”…

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